• Creation of the e-shop

    Paper and Memories was created under the warm Normandy sun during the summer of 2021 by Rachel. With around ten years in the field of QSE (Quality-Safety-Environment) dealing with dysfunctions on a daily basis, each one as surprising as the next, and the arrival of the 30-year mark, the desire came to me to move away from the industrial world to build my own universe , my independence.

    Since I was very young, I have had an attraction to the world of stationery . For the people of my generation who read me, I am convinced that you too exchanged collections of Diddle stationery with your friends (this little white mouse, all smiling and endearing). I always wanted to have the latest trendy pencils and in all color variations. Even today I still fall for one of them while walking through the store.

The creative environment

Now, having grown up, I have discovered the world of scrapbooking and project life. I really like making the assemblies, the cutouts, the decorations to embellish all my memories . This creative activity helps me escape from everyday life, to clear my mind and I hope it will be the same for you.
This is how the Paper and Memories store was naturally born.

  • Your satisfaction my priority

    My acquired professional skills will be a real asset in this new adventure: I hope to be able to provide you with the products and services you need while ensuring their quality, the security of your data and the environmental impact of my activity. We look forward to supporting you in your projects and creations.