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La Petite Epicerie

Sequin iron-on patch - rainbow

Sequin iron-on patch - rainbow

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Product description:

The Arc en Ciel iron-on patch is an embroidered patch that allows you to customize your textiles or other supports in an instant!

How to iron-on your embroidered patch/crest?

1. To start, choose a flat surface, like your ironing board for example, or a wooden table.
2. Position the patch on the textile support that you wish to customize or repair.
3. Protect your watermelon patch either with parchment paper that you place on top, or with a pattemouille (a piece of wet fabric). This step is important to avoid altering the colors of your badge with the heat of the iron.
4. Set your iron to the maximum temperature the fabric can withstand. Do not activate the steam option.
5. Iron with the hot soleplate of the iron for around thirty seconds. Focus on the edges of the patch because it is important that the contours adhere well.
6. Let it cool for a few seconds, and your piece is now glued!

If you wish to attach your badge to a material that is not resistant to iron heat (such as leather or certain synthetic materials), stick your badge with a glue suitable for textiles, or try sewing it.

Size : 3 x 5 cm

Animated France Flag Gif 120x90 Imagined in France by La Petite Epicerie

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