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Birth Guest Book

Birth Guest Book

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Product description:

Have you just had a baby and are you wondering about your child? Is it normal that he is green with purple eyes? What will he be able to do with his hands later if he doesn't have any? To celebrate his birth, think in the birth guestbook . Your guests will be able to note their opinions on this subject and their wise advice in the birth guestbook! Do you think all your guests will tell you that your baby is the most beautiful in the world, or will anyone dare to bring up the subject of his 6 toes?

The little extra? This guestbook can be used at each birth of your children. You can also use it if you only have one cat or dog.

Format : 21 x 29.7 cm (A4)
Animated France Flag Gif 120x90 Designed and manufactured in France by Agent Paper

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