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Set of 4 erasable gel pens - 2 colors

Set of 4 erasable gel pens - 2 colors

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Product description:

The erasable ink of EconoteBK friction gel pens allows you to write, draw and erase as many times as you want. The heat-sensitive gel ink is erased by friction thanks to the unusable eraser tip on the end of your pen. The friction effect increases the ink temperature to over 70°C and erases your notes. Even more efficient with your EconoBK reusable notebook.
Refillable very easily with the set of 10 refills available on the e-shop.

Animated France Flag Gif 120x90 Designed in France by Eco-Notebk

About the brand:

The products are designed and manufactured in the south of France (near Mougins) and are part of an eco-responsible approach.

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